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16 Websites Every Social Media Enthusiast Should Know About

I received an email from a young guy who is eagerly hoping to jump into the realm of social media for marketing purposes. In my reply to him, I offered some of the links I would want to know about if I were just starting out and I wanted to pass these links along here for my readers.

There are a diversity of positions and approaches represented, but it’s a well-rounded list of sites that continually offer something like a well-balanced course offering in social media. And by the way, if you want to “jump into social media for marketing purposes,” the best thing you can do is stop. Jump in for the influence, the relationships, and the fun of it. Marketing is simply a matter of being remarkable and offering help at the precise time it’s needed, whether free or for profit.

There are more – many more that I’ve named, listed, and promoted elsewhere. I read many more sites than this myself, but consider these 16 a well-rounded diet for anyone looking to learn the ropes.

Who did I miss? Who (or what site) is an essential learning source for you when it comes to the social web?

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  • Lorne Pike

    Great list, Brandon. You have several favorites of mine there, but I’d have to add as well for great Facebook marketing insights. Mari is also tremendously generous; she gives away more free ideas on her Facebook page at than most consultants provide at top dollar!

    All the best…


    • Brandon

      Lorne, Mari is indeed an excellent resource! Thanks for including her here!

  • paul

    these links are good i like wordpress for beginners though

    • Brandon

      It’s one of my favorites. Syed and his team have done an awesome job with it!

  • Sam Stone

    A very useful list! In regard to your recommendation to go Pro Member with MarketingProfs, can you provide some good reasons? How has it been helpful for your ministry, etc.?



    • Brandon

      Sam, absolutely! We download many of their pro-only white papers and discuss them as a team. We’ve also attended some of the $99 seminars for free and have also learned from MarketinProfs’ business model itself. One quick example would be how we’ve learned from their ten minute pro-only seminars about creating attention getting podcasts.

      • Sam Stone

        Sounds like a good deal. I’ll try it out since they have a 40% discount until Jan. 31.

        I also ordered the book you linked to, in Kindle version. I don’t know how Amazon referral system works. I saw your affiliate code when I first landed on the book page, but when I switched to the Kindle version it disappeared. I hope they still count it as your referral.



      • Sam Stone

        BTW, I got to this page by following Lorne Pike’s tweet. Not that I know him.

  • SEO services

    Excellent collection of websites, very useful, keep them coming!!..

  • Goranka

    Hi Brandon,

    Awesome list!. However, I would add the following blogs/sites:
    Social Media Informer –,
    Brian Solis blog –,
    Social Times -,
    Social Media Explorer –

    • Brandon

      Excellent additions – thanks for that!

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  • pranav

    wow very nice list.. some of the in the list was unknown thanks