How Many Announcements Should You Include In Your Church Bulletin?

Pretty much… none. My philosophy about church bulletins (i.e. worship folders, programs, brochures, handouts, etc.) has changed a lot over the years. A decade and a half ago, I wanted it to be as large and stuffed with information as possible. It was my way of thinking bigger than our church was at the time. Now,...
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How to Launch Your Church Website with WordPress

I’ve been designing church websites since 1998 when there were no content management systems for the average organization. Our current church website has been listed among some of the best on the web. Every page was hard-coded html an uploaded to the server separately. Now, a fourth of the internet’s websites are powered by WordPress, the...
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How to Grow Your Sunday Attendance Using Social Media

When I was a kid, my grandparents owned a small, community store in Browning, Kentucky where I grew up. It was the hub of social activity a the end of each workday. Commuters from town would stop for gas and maybe an ice cream cone and would catch up on life with one another before...
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The Very Best App for Taking Notes and Getting Things Done

I’m an app nut, the point of annoying my wife and my staff with a barrage of invites to try new tools all the time. I’ve used, either on my own or collaboratively with my team: To do apps: Todoist, Wunderlist, Things, Trello, Omnifocus, and others. Collaboration apps: Slack, Flow, and Glip. Brainstorming apps: Mindmeister, MindNode and Simplemind....
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A Lesson for Church Leaders from Ted Cruz’ Direct Mail Mishap

Cruz doesn’t see it as a mishap, and “won’t apologize” for it. But as a leader and church communications guy, I think he blew it when he used a direct mail piece designed to apply social pressure to potential voters in Iowa. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a picture of the mailer the...
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Is Social Media Bad for You? Or Are You Just Bad with Social Media?

When I wrote Rewired, I argued that there is really nothing new about “social media” except the term itself. Media (truth, information) has been around since the world began, and God made us to be social from the start. It was always his idea that truth and information, especially the good news about God, be spread relationally,...
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