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You CAN Build a Brand,
Create an Influence Platform,
Spread Your Message,
Expand Your Audience, and
Increase Your Earning Potential

Without Being an Expert in Marketing,
Having a Huge Social Media Following,
or Being Salesy!

Not sure where to start?
Overwhelmed by all the information?

From: Brandon Cox Pastor, Author, Digital Marketer

RE: Your Biggest Idea!

There’s been a revolution.

Everything has changed.

The playing field has been leveled.

Way back in 1999, or “Hammer Time,” as I remember it being called, five really smart marketing industry insiders got together and wrote a book called The Cluetrain Manifesto. And they declared this…

A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter, …and getting smarter faster than most companies.

Know what that means?

It means, your idea… for a book, a company, a product, a culture-shaping, life-changing new concept, can make it to market.

Gone are the days when only the already rich could get richer and only the already powerful could speak with influence.

Digital Marketing has changed everything!

I know firsthand.

About a decade ago, I was frustrated with the work I was doing in my primary career and developed an interest in digital marketing.

I learned a little bit about developing websites and before long, people were approaching me for help. So I designed websites for churches, for local businesses, and for other bloggers.

I kept learning one area of discipline after another. I was able to advise clients and friends about how to use blogging and social media to expand their influence.

What I learned led to…

  • A role as Editor of a major website about blogging (a role I was approached about because of my own blog).
  • A dream job at a world-renowned church (a role I was invited into through a relationship started on Twitter).
  • A book deal from a major publisher (to share with the world what I’d learned about social media).
  • Extra, passive income to get out of debt and start saving (which continues to grow month after month).

When I think back to the beginning of my journey in building an online platform, I can remember the frustrations…

There’s so much to learn…

There’s so much noise out there already…

Who would want to listen to what I have to say?…

Ever thought those thoughts? Me too.

Here’s the difference between where I was ten years ago, just starting out, and where you are right now…

Today, there are systems available to help you accelerate our learning and fastrack your way to success in building your online platform, expanding your influence, and earning more income from your online business.

I want to tell you about one system that can change your life…

And I want to make you a special offer, too.

Not long ago, I stumbled across a guy named Matt Lloyd. He’s a nice bloke (who happens to be Australian) who shared the story of his own journey toward success in online marketing.

Like me and so many others, Matt had wasted both time and money trying to figure out how to succeed and had experienced frustrating results. And then things started to click.

Matt discovered

  • the power of blogging
  • the value of building an email list
  • the potential of video
  • the opportunity of live events

and much more.

Matt branched out and started investing his earnings in other businesses, in real estate, in precious metals, and more.

Now, Matt helps a lot of people get started with their own online marketing efforts while skipping over all the guru-ish buzzwords.

His signature training program is called My Top Tier Business.

My Top Tier Business is a 21-step system that is going to teach you how to build a platform, sell without being salesy, earn high-ticket commissions, save more of the money you make, and invest for a more secure future.

I’m now a product of this system. I’m a believer.

And one of the reasons I’m a big advocate is because of the added value I’ve received along the way.

My investment of $49 gave me

  • access to the 21 steps
  • daily power up phone calls (that I can listen to as a podcast anytime)
  • daily emails with wisdom from Matt Lloyd
  • monthly snail mail newsletters packed with value

And one thing that really sets this system apart in a league of its own…

  • a personal coach to answer all your questions at every step!

Are you ready to get…

 A Powerful 21-Step
Online Business Education System

As well as ongoing support and personal coaching through each step?

Apply Now »

In the last decade, I’ve seen a lot of my peers grow very successful, influential online platforms. And I’ve also had tons of conversations with people who had good intentions but never seemed to make it.

Know what the difference has been?

Successful people take the next step.
They take action.

So I hope to see you on the inside!

Signed, Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox

PS – Did I mention that this is totally risk-free? I’m a firm believer that products should live up to and exceed their promised value, so if this doesn’t work out, request a refund of My Top Tier Business and you’ll spend nothing.

But I’m convinced you’re going to love it and a few months from now, you’ll be raving about it online!

Apply Now! »

Please note that if you should click through and make a purchase, I would receive a commission. This doesn’t affect your price at all, and I only promote things that align with my own personal and professional values.

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