Brandon Cox, Leadership CoachI “get” entrepreneurial business leaders. In fact, I am one.

My “day job” is being a pastor. What in the world do I know about entrepreneurship and business?

Actually, we started Grace Hills Church from scratch – just myself and my wife, Angie and one other family – and we’ve watched the church grow to around 500 attenders and we’re moving into a new facility soon to make room for the growth.

I’ve also helped build – again, from scratch – one of the world’s largest online learning communities for church leaders as well as my own very successful freelance marketing business.

And here’s what I know…

Too many businesses are failing.

Too many hopeful entrepreneurs are frustrated by repeated failures to launch successful enterprises.

Too many gifted, visionary leaders are stuck and spinning their wheels trying to reach the elusive target of “success.”

My life’s mission is two-fold. I helpĀ people find their purpose and I helpĀ leaders expand their influence.

Whether that means helping you identify and map out a strategy for your biggest and best ideas or connecting you to the very best knowledge and resources available, I’m determined to help everyone I coach see a measurable difference as a result of our time together.

I view coaching as an ongoing conversation in which I come alongside you to help you understand and fulfill your vision, overcome obstacles and tackle the issues keeping you up at night using powerful questions and proven solutions.

During our coaching appointments (usually via video), we will spend an hour together assessing where you are, where you need to go, and the best way to get there. Typically, I’m walking entrepreneurs and business leaders through topics such as:

  • How to identify your real core business and regain clarity and focus.
  • How to articulate your vision and form your messaging and your pitch.
  • How to get started with online marketing, particularly with email and social media.
  • How to develop your organization and form a working strategy to stay on track.
  • How to organize a team to grow your organization so everyone benefits.

Coaching is not a glorified book club. Rather, coaching is heavy on content, conversation, and a personal connection.

I’d love to help you get unstuck and get growing!

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

Coaching requires a significant time investment on my part, and time is a scarce resource. So just as we pay physicians to keep us healthy, I believe we sometimes need to compensate coaches and counselors to keep us healthy personally. In fact, I wouldn’t charge for something I wouldn’t pay for myself, which is why I personally hire coaches to help sharpen me.

It’s also a more successful process if it also involves an investment on your part.

And, I believe good coaching pays for itself many times over.

In fact, there’s a greater cost in not being coached and staying stuck!

That’s why I’ll say, if you don’t get coaching from me, get it somewhere!

The cost of one-on-one coaching is $180 per month, which also includes full access to The Digital Leadership Lab where I host two additional group coaching calls per month, plus access to the recorded archives of those calls, plus access to a big digital downloads vault.

What’s Next?

Here’s what I’d love to do. Fill out the form below, which will send an email to me telling me about your interest. I’ll reach back out and we can schedule a free half hour session to talk about your vision and how coaching can help you fulfill it!

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