Speed Reading: Read a Book Per Day, a Blog Per Minute

I’m an avid reader, online and off. I love great blogs and I love good books even more. I may never own a Kindle because I still like to open a book with a spine. There’s a problem with reading though – it takes time, and there are way to many books and articles to read to be wasting so much time reading. What’s the solution? Speed reading.

I know there are books about speed reading, but I have formed my own methods over the years and wanted to share them here in a brief, how-to format. How can I read a book in a day or a blog in a minute? Here are some tips…

  • Pay close attention to titles (especially blogs, articles, and even sermons). If a title doesn’t draw me to the content, I can safely skip it. 
  • Use your fingers to guide your eyes down a page.
  • Zig-zag with your eyes, sweep at an angle looking for keywords. I actually try to read the most important 40% of the words on a page – the rest is just there for proper grammar anyway.
  • Read the first word of each line – if the line matters, continue.
  • Take breaks – refresh your mind by diverting your attention elsewhere momentarily.
  • Underline. This slows you down in the moment, but compensates for any lack of comprehension. Underline that which you hope to record, pass along, or apply in your life.
  • Quit if it bores you, unless you’re reading the Bible, in which case you need to keep going and it will become interesting as a result of your obedience. If a book or article isn’t beneficial, move on to something that is.
  • Set goals – I’m going to read a book per day, per week, or per year. 

If my blog is worth reading, you probably got through it in less than 30 seconds – good job! You’re on your way. Now pass this along or leave your favorite tip in the comments.

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