What In the World is Going On? by David Jeremiah

Book Review: What In the World Is Going On? by David Jeremiah

Yesterday, I closed the back cover of a truly noteworthy book by David Jeremiah entitled What In the World Is Going On? Honestly, I thought I’d never get through the book. It wasn’t because the book wasn’t good – it was exceptional. It was that I kept thinking Jesus must be coming back before I turn this next page!

It’s difficult to remain unaware that our planet is in social, political, and religious disarray. David Jeremiah shares “10 prophetic cues you cannot afford to ignore” without coming across as a mere alarmist, and certainly without making any specific predictions about the return of Christ. He is well researched and offers a detailed analysis of current world events, intermingled with thorough explanations of basic eschatalogical doctrines and terms such as the rapture, Armageddon, tribulation, and antichrist.

Israel plays a prominent role in Scripture, not only in the Old Testament, but in prophetic sections that refer to yet future events. Isreal’s becoming a nation in 1948, and remaining the most hated nation on the planet by surrounding people groups is directly tied to prophetic statements in Scripture about Jesus’ return. Jeremiah not only treats the subject of Israel thoroughly, but also the connection between modern Europe and ancient Rome, the role of America in end times events, the role of oil and the global economy.

The book’s tone changes to a more spiritual note toward the final chapters when David Jeremiah begins to make direct application of prophetic biblical events to the decisions and choices that each of us make each day. We all face a crisis of faith when we consider that Jesus will return to “judge the quick and the dead.” Jeremiah unapologetically points to faith in the risen and coming Lord Jesus Christ as the only hope for what lies beyond today.

I give five stars and two thumbs up. Buy it, read it, and let me know what you think.

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