I just finished reading Tribes by Seth Godin. I’ve been wanting to read it for six months now and finally had some oral surgery which enabled me to lay in bed and read the whole thing in a few hours. It’s kind of short, which is the only drawback. Seth Godin is a genius, but most people who know him already know that. In fact, others in his niche who break all of his rules still can’t find fault in his methodology.

I’m recommending this book to Pastors on this blog. It’s not written by a typical Christian leadership expert, but Godin’s thought process seems to be lifted right off the pages of the New Testament description of the church – an ancient tribe with a massive following of highly committed people.

Here’s the basic premise: Anybody can lead who chooses to do so, especially today. But you have to understand tribes, which is really nothing more than understanding human nature and our present cultural climate. The key word in the book is “Go!” Catch a vision, capture an idea, gather a group, communicate with passion, inspire change. Don’t wait, don’t dictate, just lead, and start doing it today. Go!

I’m a Pastor. I do some other things here and there that I find enjoyable, but the passion of my life is leading people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and then leading them to lead others. I don’t have a complete college degree. I started pre-maturely at age 19 (by the standards of others), but I have a passion and love for my tribe. That’s something that impresses me about Seth Godin. He repeatedly says that it isn’t about credit, it isn’t about money, it isn’t even about the benefits of a following, it’s about leading people into change.

I strongly recommend you get this if you lead or hope to lead in any capacity whatsoever. But here on this blog, I especially recommend it for Pastors, missional leaders, small group leaders and Sunday School teachers, and especially the guys who are just starting out in ministry.

Lead your tribe with passion. Go!

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