Book Review: The Race by Rick Lemons

The Race…from Pit Row to Victory Lane by Rick Lemons, Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Forney, Texas, is the first book even remotely relating to NASCAR that I’ve ever read, much less enjoyed. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the… “sport.” What I am a fan of is the way Rick uses the details of a race to illustrate what basic Christian living is all about.

I found that the book is an excellent primer on the Christian life. It would make a tremendous curriculum for a basic discipleship class but I’m not sure that the essence of it (the NASCAR niche) would fit into such a context. I even get the feeling that the book was developed from a rather creative sermon series, a feeling I like. My favorite books by Pastors are the result of what began as a lesson passionately delivered to a live audience, then translated to the printed page for the world to enjoy.

The book is divided into two parts – the first emphasizing some of the basic habits necessary for spiritual growth and the second dealing with persistence in the Christian life. Part I was a good refresher course and Part II was a great challenge.

Ultimately, the book is an expansion of a modern parable that finds its roots in the ancient literature of the apostle Paul, who used the olympic competitions of his day to liken the Christian life to a race as well. Lemons emulates this kind of application well.

I hope Rick’s book is able to gain exposure. It’s a good read and a great gift for your NASCAR fan friends… and the guys like me who don’t “get” the “sport,” but definitely identify with the desire to finish well.

Disclosure: This book was passed along to me by a friend. I did not receive it from the author or publisher and have not been asked to provide a positive review. The links in this article are Amazon affiliate links.

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