Macbook Air

All Your Pastor Wants for Christmas

Disclaimer: I don’t know your Pastor (probably) and so I can’t say for sure he wants any of these things, much less that he wants these things exclusively, but I thought I’d take a stab at saying here’s what, in my estimation, many Pastors would love to have… if you’re looking for ideas.

A Kindle!

Amazon Kindle

I don’t have a Kindle, but I do use the Kindle iphone app and if I buy books for myself, I buy them in this format. Why? I can read them anywhere. I can highlight things, add notes, and share all of that with others. I’d be stoked to get a Kindle because they look amazing! You assume a screen could never be as nice to read as a page, and I think you’d be 98% right, but the Kindle is very, very close, plus it has an amazing battery life.

A TAG Heuer Watch

TAG Heuer Watch

I don’t wear a watch. I use my iphone for that too, but my friend, Artie, showed me the TAG he received as a gift, and it’s sweet! If you buy your Pastor a TAG, don’t publicize it or people will start asking when he’ll get his private jet, but if you’re into giving some really, really nice gift, go for the TAG.

A Macbook Air

Macbook Air

The new Macbook Air’s are super-thin and super-awesome. The big danger is accidentally throwing it out with the newspaper – that’s just how light it is. It doesn’t have a CD drive, you say? Who uses those, really? For airports, hospital waiting rooms, coffee shops, and the screened-in back porch, the Air is perfect!

Looking for something more… “pastoral?”


I have most of these, and they’re my favorite books on pastoral ministry…


That last one may end up being the most important one in your Pastor’s library, with the exception of the Bible itself, of course! Subscriptions are another great idea, and here are my essential recommendations:

Still not satisfied? Okay, get him a tie, a snowglobe, or a brand new set of hankies! But I’d go with something a bit more fun.

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