Life In the Faith Lane

June 10, 2016Books

From the first chapter of Live, Love, Lead by Brian C. Houston, which I’m currently reading and thoroughly enjoying… As followers of Christ, we are called to follow in his footsteps, living a big life along a difficult path, journeying through the narrow gate toward a glorious future. God redeems us as his Spirit transforms us, … Read More

A Bunch of Awesome Books for Less than $5!

May 27, 2016Books

Some awesome bos by some great authors are on sale dirt cheap right now at as part of their big spring sale and I just wanted you to know about them. Some would make great giveaways if purchased in bulk and others are just great for your library. This is just a very small … Read More

The “Gospel” Is More Than You’ve Probably Ever Imagined

May 25, 2016Books, Theology

In modern evangelicalism, we have several versions of the gospel with which people are familiar. The doctrine of justification by grace through faith, which, may describe the theological ramifications of the gospel, but isn’t actually the gospel. The “plan of salvation” including four spiritual laws, or five steps to peace with God, the Romans Road, or … Read More

It’s Time to Get Mean About the Vision God Has Given You

May 11, 2016Books, Leadership

Your church doesn’t need a new mission. God determines the mission. He defines the mission. And he’s been about the mission for thousands of years and simply wants your church involved in it. But your church is in desperate need of a vision that is informed by God’s Word, inspired by God’s Spirit, and applied … Read More

Leadership that Matters Is All About Conviction

August 14, 2014Books, Leadership

Just two quotes that grabbed me, from Al Mohler’s bo The Conviction to Lead: Congregations and Christian institutions need effective leaders who are authentically Christian – whose leadership flows out of their Christian commitment. Wherever Christian leaders serve, in the church or in the secular world, their leadership should be driven by distinctively Christian conviction… If … Read More

Books: People-Pleasing Pastors

January 29, 2014Books

Charles Stone has that rare gift of knowing and speaking directly to the heart of today’s shepherd-leader about the one big leadership issue we all have but rarely admit – our tendency to want to be liked. He cuts through the fluff and helps us recognize our tendency to be people pleasers and gives us … Read More