One of the Biggest Mistakes Pastors Make

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I was told, early in ministry, some of the most terrible advice: “Don’t get too close to people. You can never trust them.” I now give leaders the exact opposite advice. Fall into the depth of meaningful friendships. Will you get hurt? Yes. Such is life, but it’s worth it. From personal experience I can say, it’s worth it. I’m …

God of the Prodigals Title

Sermon Video: How to Make a Comeback

Brandon Preaching

The Parable of the Prodigal Son would be better described as the Parable of the Prodigal Sons, since both sons were lost in their own ways. Even better would be the Parable of the Good, Good Father, but that’s next week’s message! In this message, I wanted to share how, from the younger son’s story, we come back home to God.  

Three Gears of Growth

The Three Gears of Growth Pre-Conference at Exponential

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There are three separate but interdependent gears that either impede or accelerate our church’s growth: Our Culture, Our Team, and Our Systems. Shawn Lovejoy from, Tim Stevens from the Vanderbloemen Search Group, and Brandon Cox from Grace Hills Church and will share their experiences from working with hundreds of churches through these three vital gears of ministry. When …