How O’Malley Became a Very Good Father

O'Malley the Alley Cat

I’m a sucker for vintage Disney stories. I have a collection of old Disney story books from my childhood and often read them to my boys. Tonight we chose The Aristocats, and I was moved by the final page. I’ve seen the movie and read the story dozens of times in my life, but I’ve never really stopped to take notice of the great story of redemption in O’Malley the alley cat’s life.

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Find New Hope for Your Church at Purpose Driven Conference 2016


I’m stoked! Here’s the news. Pastor Rick Warren just decided to host the Purpose Driven Church conference for the first time in almost a decade. He’s going to spend three days downloading 36 years worth of life and ministry lessons from his time at Saddleback Church. In that time, Saddleback has baptized 43,018 people, now sees over 38,000 meet weekly in 8,420 small groups, and has sent out 26,846 members to 196 countries on mission trips.

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YOU Can Make a Difference as WE Make a Difference Together

Gathering Community

American Christians have been conditioned by our cultural surroundings in many ways, and none is more prominent than our shift from communal thinking to individual thinking. We love inspirational and motivational content that revolves around memyself, and I. That’s why we sell so many books about how I can be successful, how can get rich, and how I can be a better master of my own universe.

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