The 3 Possible Pathways to Becoming Successful at Anything

Zig Ziglar always said (quoting Daniel Webster), “There’s always room at the top!”  And Vince Lombardi said, “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” Success is possible. It’s within reach. It just needs to be defined well. I define success...
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Sermon Video: It’s Time to Get Sick and Tired

God is looking for some people who will get sick and tired of the brokenness they see in and around them, and who will rise up and do something about it. Shares Facebook 1 Twitter LinkedIn 1 Buffer 4 Google+...
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Powerful Prayers Happen When We Partner Together with God

Want to pray powerful prayers? Charles Spurgeon once said, “Prayer moves the arm that moves the world.” One of my mentors, Grady Higgs, often says that “nothing heavenly happens on earth without prayer.” In other words, there are things God...
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Boldly Growing

How to Experience the Four Dimensions of Personal Growth

I originally titled this post Boldly Growing Where No Man Has Grown Before. Sorry Trekies. I couldn’t resist. I’ve previously argued that life isn’t about perfection. It isn’t even about progress, in and of itself. Life is about embracing the process...
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How Social Media Can Help Nonprofits Make a Big Impact

I’ve prepared some notes for a presentation to some amazing nonprofit leaders in Siloam Springs, Arkansas and wanted to pass along the slides and notes to other nonprofit leaders. You can watch the slideshow and download the notes as a...
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Portable Baptistry or Portable Spa

The Best Portable Baptistry Solution for a Portable Church

Looking for a portable baptistry? Our church met in a movie theater for four years. Others meet in schools or other places where it’s impossible to have a permanent baptism solution in place. So, there are companies out there who...
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7 Reasons Every Church Website Needs a Porn Page

I wrote a post on my blog about church communications offering a big tip concerning church websites: create a porn page! Yep. Porn. You read it right. Every church website needs a porn page – a page dedicated to pornography. A...
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A Basic Introduction to Building a Personal Brand Online

I’ve written a new post over at my blog about social media and the church, A brand is way more than a logo. A brand is the story that people are telling about a person, a product, or an...
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How to Have a Better, Bolder 2017: Embrace the Process

I’ve written a post about how to embrace the process of growing over at my blog for men, New Year’s is magical for most of us. January 1 holds almost mystical powers for us. It’s okay. It’s a new...
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