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Living With a Single Priority

Single Light

Priorities. Did you know that word actually means pretty much nothing? The word priority comes from the Latin word prior which means former or first. That which is a priority is first. It’s the source out of which something else comes. So to have many different “firsts” somehow ranking against each other makes little sense. In other words, you can only have one priority. Or…

To do two things at once is to do neither – Publilius Syrus

One of the most important questions you can ever answer about yourself is, what’s the one thing I’m really living for? I know what you’re thinking. I’ve got family, work, friendships, hobbies, my finances, my physical health, and a dozen little side projects at any given time. Can I really drop them all and focus only on one? Not exactly.

To understand what living life with a single priority is all about, as Christians, we need to ask the Master. And here is what Jesus had to say,

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Sermon Video: My Kingdom vs. His Kingdom

We are all builders, and that’s not a bad thing. To build families, careers, and business is good and productive for humanity. But for Christians who follow Jesus, there’s a big question at stake – whose kingdom truly comes first? In this fourth message in a series through the book of Daniel, we’ll talk about why thriving in Babylon requires that I know the answer to this question.

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116 Great Links for Leaders, Readers, and Creatives – July 25, 2015

LinksSince my last links post, we’ve had a Supreme Court ruling and a major story break about Planned Parenthood, so you’ll notice an odd mix of sometimes seemingly contradictory links. Just understand that I’m not necessarily endorsing or recommending every idea contained in these articles. I’ve just found them informative, interesting, or inspiring for one reason or another.

Three Reasons Leaders Must Constantly Say “No”

Steve Jobs famously said, “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.” He was ruthlessly focused as a leader. Many of us have a difficult time saying “no,” but leaders must do so for at least three reasons…

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting the Leadership Development Results You Want

Mac Lake serves as the visionary architect for the Multiply Group, a ministry that seeks to provide reproducible systems for church plants. He has served for many years as a pastor and church planter and coached numerous pastors in their ministries …

Planned Parenthood’s Abortion of Women’s Rights

Surely the cruelest of all ironies is the idea that the abortion-on-demand somehow strikes a blow for women’s rights. Such thinking is a bleeding wound in our national conscience and logical incoherence on the part of radical pro-abortionists.

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13 Words from a Father to His Daughter on Her 13th Birthday

Ella All Grown UpElla, you’re amazing! And you’re supposed to stay my little girl forever. You’ve grown up so much already and I’m tearing up in Starbuck’s as I write this just thinking about it. I hope it’s okay with you that this is public. I just thought of other Dads of future teenaged girls and the daughters who may need a bit of guidance too.

To me, while I rejoice in the young woman you’ve become and are becoming, I’m still going to have to hang on to you as the little baby we had to lay in the sunlight so you would grow. When that didn’t work, we put you in a special green-glowing box and finally, you grew. (Long story about a common medical thing… anyway…) Now there are moments I wish I could stop you.

I want to play with your dollhouse with you some more, and have tea and cake at the American Girl store in L. A. again, and rescue you from the deep end of the swimming pool in Florida (let’s ignore that I accidentally knocked you in to begin with…), and hike around shooting stuff in the yard with a slingshot and acorns… … sorry, really crying here… Okay! On to the point.

You’re thirteen. This is a big deal. I have more to dread, such as teaching you to drive, giving you away to the perfect guy, but those things are all at least a dozen years away still, so let me address today. I wanted you to hear, from my heart, thirteen big fatherly pieces of advice, and look back on them whenever you need to for a little encouragement. Here goes…

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5 Practices of a Peaceful Home

Family Laugh

Guitars sound nice because of stress. Great guitarists know how to turn the tuning pegs just enough that all six strings are in harmony with one another and on key. But too much stress, too much tension, can stretch or break a string.

In the same way, every family will experience stress and tension. It’s inevitable, and it’s possible to experience peace together even in the middle of tension. But too much stress can cause us to snap and lose our harmony.

Families are experiencing unprecedented stress today. It results from economic hardship, the rat race at work, global and cultural events, high educational standards, peer pressure, and much more. I’m convinced that home ought to be a little like a island – a safe place in a war zone. And the Bible gives us some simple wisdom about some valuable practices for peaceful homes.

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